Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife has been discovered to lie about her grandfather's participation in World War II.

On Remembrance Day, Sophie Trudeau promised to "always remember" her grandfather who she said was killed in Normandy, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

Sophie even published a poem on Facebook about her grandfather's death in Normandy, saying "I share this poem that I wrote in tribute to my grandfather Jean Robert Grégoire. He lost his life during World War II"

The poem goes as follows: "Your smile, I would have liked to see it in your happy days. We will be brave at home as you have been on the battlefield. On us you can count. Rest in peace, your little Sophie."

Despite Sophie's poem, federal records reveal that her grandfather did not serve in World War II. On top of this, no mention of Sophie's grandfather can be found in the book of remembrance.

Further digging by our friends at Blacklock's suggested that Sophie's grandfather was a non-combatant who died at the age of 83. The PMO would not comment on whether this was true.

During the Remembrance Day event in Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just managed to avoid being late for the moment of silence, arriving mere minutes before 11:00 AM, due to a possible security incident. This is the time the moment of silence is usually observed.