A journalist for the leftist online magazine Slate says he is "annoyed" that he has to correct his story that falsely claimed the Wi Spa incident was a hoax.

The news comes as charges of indecent exposure are filed against a transgender serial sex offender accused of exposing themselves to a little girl and several women at the Koreatown health club in Los Angeles, California.

Slate journalist Evan Urquhart called the controversial incident a "hoax" in his July 9 article. "That there was likely no trans woman there to begin with only underscores how thin a pretext is needed to prompt these sorts of outbursts from the far right," he wrote. Urquhart claimed that the now-charged sex offender never existed and that the outrage was merely a smokescreen for transphobia.

Known as the viral Wi Spa incident, one outraged woman in June recorded her experience at the Los Angeles business and her subsequent argument with the spa staff. At that time, the management chose to ignore the outspoken woman and left-wing media like Slate said it was a "transphobic hoax." The event led to multiple violent protests around the spa, with the dominating narrative being that she and other customers who have come forward were all perpetuating a hoax.

The Post Millennial's editor-at-large Andy Ngo broke the news with the New York Post. "Never allow the self-credentialed 'fact checkers' tell you what is determined & settled. These writers were tasked with investigating & not only did they fail, they told the rest of us to not dig further," Ngo stated on Twitter.

Now that it's been revealed that the suspect is a registered sex offender facing charges for allegedly exposing themselves to women and a young girl at the spa, Slate has asked Urquhart to correct his false reporting.

"It is with great annoyance that I must report I'm talking with my editor about an update to my piece on the transphobic Wi Spa riots, to reflect the fact that the New York Post reporting charges have been brought against someone alleged to have been there," said Urquhart on from his Twitter account, which is currently locked.

The Slate journalist then argues he never claimed it was a hoax to begin with. He also concedes and says it is "60/40 not a hoax," leaving room for the possibility that a serial sex offender only slightly exposed themselves to little girls.