Tracy McCray, the Vice President of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, mentioned during an interview that there is a possibility that "calls will go unanswered", as the vaccine mandate for police officers goes into effect on Tuesday.

As many as 120 or more police officers – 80 of whom have been on active patrol duty up until now – are slated to lose their jobs mere hours from the time of this writing, as the city of San Francisco insists upon all of its first responders getting the vaccine.

McCray states during the interview with a local news outlet:

"In a city of this size, with the month of October and all the things that have been going on, [the loss of officers due to the vaccine mandate] that's gonna put quite a dent into operations."

"... if you take 120 cops, or even more, off the street, what do you think is gonna happen?"

"... If I have a crime happening in Bayview XXXXXX, where Alice Griffin public housing is located, high crime area, or do I have to go to a woman screaming all the way across in the Potrero Hill area, you know, which one am I going to?"

McCray went on to note that "religious beliefs" and "concerns about the long-term effects of the vaccines" were among the reasons officers have still refused to vaccinate.

Unlike in some other jurisdictions, in San Francisco, there are no options for regular COVID testing. Officers are expected to either get the jab or lose their jobs.

Despite the pushback from McCray and others, San Francisco mayor London Breed refuses to make things any easier for the city's already beleaguered police. Her comment was simply "Our human resources department is continuing to try to work with people individually."