In an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham Tuesday night, Senator Tom Cotton called for the firing and full investigation of Dr. Anthony Fauci following the release of documents revealing that the National Institute of Health did fund gain-of-function research despite earlier claims from Fauci that they did not.

"I’ve said for months that Tony Fauci should be fired," said Cotton. "Now it's clear that he lied in Congress so he should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

"You know, for 18 months he's been saddling up his moral high horse and clucking his tongue at college kids who want to go celebrate a football game in an outdoor stadium on a nice fall day, or parents who don't want their kindergarteners to have to wear masks their entire lives, telling you you have to wear three masks…" Cotton continued.

"When all along he's been lying, not just to Congress, but to the American people about his role in funding the very reckless and dangerous research at a Chinese communist lab that unleashed this pandemic on the world," Cotton added. "It is a disgrace, and it's time for Tony Fauci to be held accountable."

Cotton joins a growing number of leaders calling for the firing and investigation into Fauci.

On Tuesday, Senator Josh Hawley wrote on twitter demanding Fauci resignation and a full investigation.

"Anthony Fauci has repeatedly and deliberately mislead Congress and the American people. Resign. And face a congressional inquiry," wrote Hawley on Twitter.