The controversial Roxham Road border crossing was opened again on Sunday after nearly a year of closure due to the pandemic.

Roxham Road in Quebec is frequently used by border crossers to gain access to Canada through the United States. Roxham Road was closed as a point of entry on March 2020 due to "health reasons," according to Radio-Canada.

During the pandemic, people who tried to use this border crossing were returned to the United States. Over the weekend, the Trudeau government changed this policy. Anyone who seeks asylum through this point of entry will have their claim processed.

Trudeau's Minister for Immigration said, "all asylum seekers must comply with strict public health measures, including quarantine and testing requirements" in a statement to the press.

On top of this, illegal border crossers that were returned to the United States during the pandemic will now be able to make an asylum claim again.

The Trudeau government has said that they are expecting an increase of asylum seekers. Having said that, they stated that it will not be as severe as it was in 2017 and 2018.

During these two years, thousands of people arrived illegally in the country. This was due to President Trump's anti-immigration policies and the fear that they could be deported from the United States.