In an unaired segment from the Kyle Rittenhouse interview with Tucker Carlson on Monday, Rittenhouse disclosed that he liked Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang and was part of the "Yang Gang" during the 2020 election.

"I'm going to get alot of hate for this but I was a pretty big Andrew Yang supporter before all of this," Rittenhouse told Carlson. "I was part of the Yang Gang."

Although claiming he liked Andrew Yang, Rittenhouse said he didn't know much about politics and was "just a seventeen year old kid."

"I've been trying to stay out of politics completely," Rittenhouse said. "I think it's just to my best interest to avoid politics cause I'm not a political person. I'm just a person who was attacked and defended myself."

On the topic of Gaige Grosskreutz getting portrayed as a "hero," Rittenhouse said it's "sickening" because they "attempted to murder" him.

"I told him I was going to the police and he pointed a gun at my head and I just remember staring down the barrell of a pistol thinking 'I'm about to die.' He hasn't been charged with a single crime," Rittenhouse explained.

"In my opinion there's no winners in this case, there's no heroes in this case. I think it's actually quite sickening how Mr. Huber and Mr. Grosskreutz are described as heroes when it's on video that they attempted to murder me in the middle of the streets."

Rittenhouse told the Fox News host that the message mainstream media is sending by referring to his attackers as heroes is that it's allegedly okay to loot, riot, and attempt to kill.