On Thursday, US Attorney General Merrick Garland was questioned by Representative Ken Buck about who benefits from the sales of Hunter Biden's art, and whether he would be appointing a special council to investigate President Joe Biden’s son.

"Soon after he and his dad got off Air Force Two in China, Hunter Biden became a private equity guru and assisted with a Chinese private equity firm, linked to the Chinese central bank. You might ask what his background was with Pacific Rim investments or the Chinese central bank? nothing," said Buck.

"With his dubious track record inquiring minds might question why any art gallery would want to sell Hunter Biden's art," Buck continued.

Buck pointed out that a particular art gallery displaying Biden's pieces had their COVID-19 relief more than doubled by the administration, and in a survey of 100 galleries in the 10th Congressional district of New York, found that that particular gallery had received by far the largest SBA disaster loan.

"Mr. Attorney General, who buys Hunter Biden's art? Who benefits? What benefits do they receive from the Biden administration? the American people want to know," said Buck. "I have sent a letter to the Department of Justice before your tenure asking them to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. I have today sent a letter to you, and I am asking you now, will you appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden?"

Garland responded by saying that "for the same reason that I'm not able to respond to questions about investigations of the former president or of anyone else," he could not comment on "investigations pending or otherwise."

Buck pointed out that he, as someone who worked for the Department of Justice for 15 years, knows that Garland is allowed to tell the committee whether a special counsel will be appointed, but not about whether they are investigating a particular matter.

"Apparently I just received the letter today from you and we'll be taking it under advisement, but I wasn't aware that you had sent me a letter," responded Garland.

The sales of Biden's artwork is reportedly being kept secret from both Biden and the administration, but many have raised questions regarding the ethics of the president's son selling artwork to potentially high-ranking officials around the world.

"The ethicist who pointed to this arrangement have expressed concern that the President's son selling art could potentially put the president in a situation where those who seek jobs under this administration or favors from this administration could put this White House in an awkward position," one reporter told Psaki in a press conference earlier this month.