On Wednesday, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube announced that the province would push back its deadline for healthcare workers to get their two doses of vaccine by thirty days. The initial deadline set by the province stood at October 15.

The announcement comes just days after the Quebec Order of Nurses revealed that over 4,000 of the province's 80,500 nurses were not adequately vaccinated. Of those, 2,800 had no doses of approved COVID vaccines, while the remaining 1,531 received one dose. Quebec has yet to verify the vaccination status of 5,716 other nurses.

The Quebec government said it intended to suspend without pay the roughly 15,000 healthcare workers who remain unvaccinated, per Health Minister Christian Dube. Of those, 7,500 work directly with patients. Currently, the province faces a shortage of around 4,300 full-time nurses.

In a bid to boost staffing, the Quebec government announced plans to give nurses a one-time bonus payment to incentivize them to stay in the public healthcare system. The health minister also spoke of the 'reorganization' of healthcare services but did not specify what type of reorganizations would be necessary or for how long.

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