On Friday, a reporter asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the viral "Let's Go Brandon" chants still sweeping across the country. Psaki responded by saying that President Joe Biden doesn't take much notice of the anti-Biden trend.

"Across this country, we've seen this new phenomenon lately chanted at sporting events and on signs. The phrase is 'Let's Go Brandon,' a sort of code for a profane slogan attacking President Biden. What does the president make of that?" the reporter asked Psaki at the White House press briefing.

"I don't think he spends much time focused on it or thinking about it," Psaki replied. The reporter then immediately followed up:

"The president said when he came into office on Inauguration Day, he said he was gonna help get rid of the 'uncivil war' in this country. So I guess, through that lens right now, does the president think that there are things he can do differently, or how does he react to the stuff he sees out there, when it is one of his primary promises or desires, to help bring Americans together?"

Psaki's response completely ignored the possibility that the people may be united in a common cause and are maybe protesting what they see as actual flaws with the administration: "Well, it takes two to move towards a more civil engagement and discourse in this country. And the president is going to continue to operate, as you said, from the promise he made early on, which is, he wants to govern for all Americans. He's going to deliver for all Americans, as is evidenced by the infrastructure bill that he is going to sign on Monday."

"That's going to help expand broadband to everyone, no matter your political party, no matter whether you voted for him or not. That's going to replace lead pipes, make sure kids have clean drinking water, whether you're a Democrat or Republican or not political at all. That's how he's going to govern," she said.

Correction: An earlier draft of this story stated that Psaki refused to comment. The article has been updated to reflect the comment made.