A headteacher at a private school in the UK has been forced out after parents complained about her teaching of critical race theory, according to the Daily Mail.

The headteacher was at the most expensive day school in London, where fees are as high as $44,000 USD per year. Parents were reportedly upset at the headteacher's "woke agenda."

The headteacher resigned after parents wrote a 12-page letter, saying that she had indoctrinated their children with "controversial and divisive" critical race theory.

They went on to say that no subject was safe from this headteacher. Even classes like art and literature were not safe from this headteacher's ideology.

Astonishingly, the teacher created separated after-school clubs, where students could only mix with other students of the same ethnicity. Parents said that this decision was in breach of the UK government's Equality Act.

Despite her resignation, it was pretty clear that the headteacher was forced out by the board who were facing severe anger from parents.

The school board said that the headteacher "has informed the board that she now needs to focus on her own wellbeing and that of her family, which we fully understand."

In response to this, a representative of the parents said that "she leaves behind many influential and senior members of the school’s administration and faculty who appear resolute in their determination to continue to indoctrinate our children into this racist and toxic ideology."