Update: A previous version of this said that Pereira claimed to be able to breathe "through" his testicles. This was incorrect—Pereira actually claims to be able to breathe into his testicles.

Federal candidate for the People's Party of Canada, Nicholas Pereira—also known as Nakula Das—does not masturbate.

In fact, the New Brunswick candidate not only does not masturbate, but he also has become well-versed in the obscure art of what he calls "TESTICLE BREATHING."

The self described "semen retention soldier" claims to have an "endless supply of energy" that he uses to "spread the knowledge of Sexual Alchemy all over the world."

He has gone so far as to create six-week training programs to help other men become as energetic and sexually viable as he, titled "Become A Sexual Alchemist," and "Spiritual Bad Boys."

"Every time you're tempted to ejaculate, every time you're tempted to go watch porn... You are essentially in the fight for your life. You're fighting for your very lifeforce. Nature's forgiving, and because of nature's merciful nature, we've taken advantage of that nature and now we're depleting," argues Nakula.

"Right now the world needs men. Men with full balls," said the PPC candidate in a YouTube video.

Pereira's Twitter header

Videos by Pereira include videos on spirituality training, "NoFap," yoga, sexual alchemy, and of course, semen retention.

Pereira is reportedly polling at 6.8 percent in the riding, according to 338.