The Polish border security is using water cannons against illegal migrants who have thrown stones across the border, according to Reuters.

Poland is also using tear gas to disperse attempts at illegally crossing the border. "Attention, attention, if you don’t follow orders, force will be used against you," said Polish loudspeakers directed towards the migrants.

These migrants have been throwing stones, glass bottles, and have been attempting to destroy the border fence between the two countries.

According to Polish officials, one border guard was seriously injured with a fractured skull after a migrant threw an object at him.

4 thousand migrants are said to be at the border. The Belorussian dictator has refused to allow these migrants to return to Belarus' capital, Minsk.

Poland is attempting to stop a wave of illegal migrants attempting to enter the European Union. These migrants are being spurred on by the Belorussian dictator who is attempting to destabilize Europe in response to economic sanctions.

The Belorussian dictator has sponsored flights for migrants from the Middle East knowing that they will attempt to enter the EU. In response, Poland has armed their border.

Footage has shown thousands of migrants gathered on the Belarus-Polish border. The EU is expected to place more sanctions on the last dictator in Europe in response to his actions.