Nico Johnson of our very own The Post Millennial was detained and sent to a quarantine facility upon landing in Canada. This being the new part and parcel policy set forth by PM Justin Trudeau for dealing with the pandemic, officially as of last month.

“And then I went to the border security. I said that I’m a journalist, I’m here to cover the Trudeau government, and parliament [...] and in spite of all that I was shipped off to one of these hotels. I’m not allowed to leave… if I leave I can get quite a serious punishment. And it’s not terribly pleasant really. I’d rather like to go home, which I think would probably be safer.”

Canadian media have reported on sexual assaults in Prime Minister Trudeau's new quarantine hotels. A woman told CTV news that she was assaulted on February 17 in Montreal by a fellow traveller forced to quarantine in the same hotel who entered her room. The man faces one count of sexual assault, one count of breaking and entering, and one count of criminal harassment. Some travellers report that the locks were removed from their hotel room doors, leaving the occupants inside vulnerable.

These hotels are not safe and this program needs to be dismantled. If you agree, sign our petition!