Freedom of expression on Canadian university and college campuses must be protected. Freedom of expression is guaranteed to all Canadians in Section 2b of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Colleges and universities that receive government funding should also be subjected to the Charter. Sign our petition if you agree.

Freedom of expression on Canadian campuses is under threat

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms publishes an annual "Campus Freedom Index." "The report arose in response to the growing problem of censorship on campus, with the first edition released in 2011."

The JCCF uses "objective and transparent criteria", the Index awards letter grades of ‘A’ to ‘F’ to universities and also to student unions, to measure their performance in upholding free speech on campus.

Only six universities earned an ‘A’ grade in 2020. Thirteen universities earned at least one ‘F’ grade in the 2020 Campus Freedom Index. Even worse, a whopping 23 student unions earned at least one ‘F’ grade.

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