Julie Payette resigned from her position as Governor General on January 21 after a workplace report revealed her office to be "toxic".

She had already found herself in trouble long before this assessment was made however: Last year, it was revealed that Payette's demands for security and 'privacy from the public' were getting out of hand.

She had spent over $100,000 of taxpayer funds to design a new private staircase for her personal use (that was never built), over $140,000 to build a series of gates and doors to prevent easy access to her office, and even considered using tax dollars to build a door for her cat to enter and exit Rideau Hall (from the second floor).

Julie Payette was also criticized for wasting taxpayer dollars after she used her government jet for pick-ups and drop-offs at the Mirabel, Quebec cargo airport on the way to her cottage. Mirabel is an hour and half away from Ottawa.

The GG salary is $270,000 a year, but all expenses are paid by taxpayers.

As a former governor general, Payette is entitled to an annual pension of nearly $150,000.

She's also entitled to claim up to $206,000 a year for life and even six months after.

Please sign if you think this is wrong. Let's tell Justin Trudeau to change these rules. Julie Payette should not be getting any more of our taxpayer dollars!