As mask mandates have been reinstituted across the United States to stop the spread of the Delta variant, Democrat lawmakers gathered for a fundraiser breakfast in Napa Valley, California, all of which appeared to be unmasked.

The breakfast was held on Sunday morning in Napa Valley, California, to benefit Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Frontline members.

Frontline, according to its website, "is the DCCC's battle-tested program to ensure Democratic Members of Congress from the most competitive seats have both the resources and cutting-edge information they need to execute effective reelection campaigns."

A video of the breakfast was posted to social media, where Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is heard speaking in the background.

Despite the event being held outdoors, where masks are not required in Napa Valley, the unmasked attendees are seen sitting in close proximity, with only the staff wearing masks. Republican House members have protested new mask mandates from Pelosi in recent weeks, where she has instituted a mask mandate in the House Chamber. On the other side of the Capitol building in the Senate chamber, though, masks are optional.

Richard Grenell, the Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations under the Trump administration tweeted about the stark difference in who was masked versus who was not at this gathering.