The Parole Board of Canada has ordered the release of a sex offender who threatened to kill someone, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The man is being released back into his community in British Columbia. The 58-year-old man, named Brian Edward Abrosimo. was sentenced in 2006 to 14 years in jail for his convictions of sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, unlawful confinement, and forcible confinement.

Two years earlier, he had attacked two young girls in his van. He knocked one over, and kidnapped the girl who was eleven years old at the time. He then proceeded to sexually assault her before throwing the girl out of the van.

VAN POLICE HANDOUT: Brian Edward Abrosimo

The girl's family referred to the man as a "monster" in their victim impact statement and asked for the strongest terms possible.

A month before this, he had also assaulted a sex worker and threatened her with a gun.

In 2020, the community residential facility where the man was residing said that his attitude was getting worse and withdrew their support of him.

He has also been involved in numerous other incidents, where the police had to draw their guns and tasers in order to resolve the situation.