A new survey released on Monday has revealed that more than half West Virginian voters strongly disapprove of President Joe Biden's job performance, while over half approve of Governor Jim Justice, and Senator Joe Manchin's job performances.

The survey, conducted by Mark Blankenship of MBE Research, found that just 32 percent of voters in the state approve of Biden's job performance.

Of the 65 percent that said they disapprove, 54 percent of them stated they "strongly disapproved" of Biden's job performance.

"It's not a shock. He lost West Virginia badly," Blankenship said on Monday's MetroNews Talkline in regards to Biden's low rating in the state, citing the 2020 election results.

"Almost half of voters, 53 percent, strongly disapprove, so the intensity with which they disapprove is the only real surprising thing," he said.

68 percent of survey takers stated that they support Republican governor Justice, and 60 percent of them stated that they approved of the job Democratic Senator Manchin is doing.

"When you think about what he has endured — the party switch, budget issues, COVID, he got his businesses back on track — all of these things that he's had to deal with and still maintain a sky high approval rating, I think that says something to his resiliency," Blankenship said in regards to Justice.

When asked about Manchin's opposed to the high price tag of Biden's multi-trillion dollar reconciliation spending bill, 74 percent of survey takers stated that they agree that he should oppose the bill.

"Voters want to be listened to. When they feel like you're listening to them, they will reward that either at the polls or in numbers like this," Blankenship said. "I think that's what's recognized here is that Senator Manchin is listening to the people of West Virginia."

The West Virginia poll comes as Biden hits a new low, with just 41 percent of voters that responded to a ABC News/Washington Post poll saying they approve of his job performance.