Of the 37,000 refugees who fled war-torn Afghanistan, more than 5,200 of them are likely heading to California.

State Department data generated by the Afghan Placement and Assistance program indicated states with pre-existing Afghan populations would be tapped to receive the new wave of refugees, including Maryland, Virginia, Texas, and California.

In addition, Oklahoma will purportedly receive a further 1,800 Afghans.

Alabama and Mississippi are each slated to welcome 10, said US officials Wednesday. Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming and the District of Columbia are not expected to resettle anyone from the first group of evacuees who fled during the final days of the chaotic US withdrawal in August.

According to ABC 7, by the end of September 2021, 65,000 Afghans will be accommodated within the US. Within a year, that number is likely to reach 95,000.

The arriving Afghan refugees have been advised to check other parts of the country for a more favorable labor market and cheaper accommodation.

Those 12 and older must also receive two COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as complete health screening and formal vetting process.

With a potential measles outbreak discovered among some populations held in staging areas worldwide, including some of the displaced Afghans who carried the disease to the US. This has caused several flights to contain the spread.

In addition, their refugee status will be vetted to ensure they are bona fide refugees as their status has yet to be approved by US Congress, making them currently ineligible for food stamps and Medicaid.

Each Afghan evacuee is slated to receive $1,225 to help with rent, furniture and food and provide some pocket money. Biden called on Congress to take further action to ensure that the recent arrivals have access to the same benefits as other refugees.