Over 40 academics have joined forces to form History Reclaimed, a group dedicated to stopping the "abuse of history for political purposes." According to their website, the group is primarily made up of British Academics and led by Cambridge University Emeritus Professor of French History Robert Tombs.

"The abuse of history for political purposes is as old as history itself," Tombs said in the first statement of the site. "In recent years, we have seen campaigns to rewrite the history of western democracies in a way that undermines their solidarity as communities, their sense of achievement, even their very legitimacy."

According to the College Fix, other academics joining as contributors include Cambridge historian David Abulafia, Oxford ethicist Nigel Biggar, Stanford academic and author Niall Ferguson, Irish writer Ruth Dudley Edwards, educational researcher Alka Cuthbert, and historians Lawrence James, Zareer Masani and Andrew Roberts.

Seeking to rectify false narratives, History Reclaimed features several compelling pieces, such as one by Winston Churchill biographer Andrew Roberts, who criticizes various claims made against Churchill.

"Many factually incorrect, deeply offensive and ignorant remarks were made" at the event, Roberts writes, adding, "this constitutes, in my view, a new low in the current vogue for the denigration in general of British history and of Sir Winston Churchill's memory in particular," Roberts writes.

History Reclaimed is free to access and available to all.