Prior to winning the riding of Calgary-Skyview, a Liberal candidate was caught on camera allegedly stealing his Conservative competitor's flyer from a residential mailbox.

Jag Sahota, the now-former Conservative MP for Calgary-Skyview, expressed her disappointment after video emerged appearing to show Liberal challenger George Chahal stealing one of her fliers.

The video, recorded by resident Glenn Pennett's doorbell camera, shows Chahal walking up to the front door and grabbing what Sahota alleges is her flyer, before appearing to leave one of his own under the mat.

In discussion with the Toronto Sun, Sahota expressed her displeasure. "I ran a very clean campaign," she said, "and I expected the same from the candidates from the other parties. But this video shows the Liberal party candidate didn’t comply with that."

According to The Sun, the Liberal party failed to comment on the situation, however Chahal's campaign manager Randall Zalazar spoke out, claiming that while he did in fact steal a flyer, he only did so because it contained "incorrect polling information." Neither Chahal nor Zalazar gave any details regarding whose flyer it was.

Sahota told The Sun she doesn't believe the claims made by Zalazar. "“If you watch the video," she argued, "[Chahal] made no attempt to look at the pamphlet." Pennett himself noted that Chahal's flyer appeared to tell him to vote in a location nowhere near his home.

While the Commissioner of Canada Elections did not want to hypothesize about Chahal's situation, they did reiterate that stealing another candidate's campaign material is prohibited.