On Friday, Opposition leader Erin O'Toole slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's economy following a report released by Statistics Canada revealing fairly stagnant job growth, and a September report highlighting record inflation.

"Today's report by Statistics Canada makes it clear that Justin Trudeau is failing to create jobs, our economy is shrinking, and inflation is running at an 18-year high of 4.4 percent," said O'Toole.

In October, Canadian employment rose just 0.2 percent. Unemployment fell to 6.7 percent, the lowest since February of 2020, which was at 5.7 percent.

"In Justin Trudeau's economy, bad job growth and skyrocketing inflation means that not only is the Canadian economy not growing, but the cost of everyday essentials such as gas, groceries, and housing are going up. This devastating formula of poor job growth, a shrinking economy, and skyrocketing inflation is bad news for Canadians looking to secure their future," wrote O'Toole.

"Despite refusing to bring back Parliament and engage in debate with Opposition parties, Canada's Conservatives have provided advice directly to the Prime Minister to tackle the serious economic challenges and cost of living crisis facing our country, It should come as no surprise given his lack of inside into monetary police that he failed to respond," he continued.

Parliament is still out of session. The new cabinet was sworn in on October 26, and Parliament will reconvene on November 22.

"Unlike the Trudeau government, Canada's Conservatives are ready to get back to work, stand up for the middle class, and tackle the economic challenges that Canadians elected Parliament to handle," O'Toole concluded.