Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole is once again calling for Canada's flags to be raised after five months of being at half mast.

The Toronto Sun reported on Thursday that O'Toole called upon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to raise the flags starting on November 1, which have been at half mast since May to acknowledge the discovery of unmarked graves at a former Kamloops residential school.

Trudeau would later directly insult the Kamloops tribe by ignoring two invitations to their community on Canada's first Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

O'Toole had previously called for the flags to be raised while on the campaign trail in August.

When asked by True North's Andrew Lawton abut the indefinite period of mourning, O'Toole responded: "After the terrible situation of the discovery at the former residential school site in Kamloops, I offered bipartisan support for the Prime Minister to move immediately on truth and reconciliation calls to action 71 to 76 that deal directly with former residential school sites and missing children."

"... It's not a time to tear down Canada; it's a time to re-commit to build it to be the country we know it can be, and reconciliation is very important and should be important to all Canadians."

"I think, to re-commit to Canada; you have to be proud of Canada. You can't cancel the one day a year that you commit to your country; you need to use that day to commit to the path of reconciliation."

"...And I do think we should be proud to put our flag back up."

Trudeau has since said that the flags would remain at half mast until there is a conclusion with Indigenous communities that it's time to raise the flags again.