Unvaccinated People's Party candidate Darryl Mackie was arrested at an Oshawa Timmie's on Wednesday after his attempt to have a "Rosa Parks moment" failed.

Early Wednesday morning, Mackie announced via Twitter that it was "time for our Rosa Parks moment." By "our," he was referring to the unvaccinated, who have been barred from entering many non-essential establishments in Ontario. To showcase his bravery, Mackie declared that he would be "sitting at a table drinking a coffee peacefully" at a local Tim Horton's.

Under the text was a mugshot of civil rights legend Rosa Parks, arrested for refusing to sit at the back of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Her actions helped ignite the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, which eventually led to freedoms being given to those who had been denied them for so long based solely on their immutable characteristics.

Now, back to our local Timmie's.

Mackie, donning his PPC ball cap, posted a follow-up video to Twitter in which he proudly claimed he was sitting in the restaurant despite not providing his vaccination status when asked. "Give me Liberty or give me Death!" Mackie wrote.

"This is our Rosa Parks moment," he continued. "What they did in the states, segregating black people from society ... excluding them from certain restaurants, was wrong then, and they're doing the same thing and I will stand against it."

"I'm not gonna participate in the segregation of our society," Mackie concluded.

According to Insauga.com, he was arrested after refusing to heed employees' calls for him to leave the Timmie's. He was charged with trespassing and for failing to leave a premises.

Many were quick to condemn Mackie's stunt, especially his self-professed comparison to Rosa Parks. Some fear, however, that his newfound martyrdom will only galvanize the movement he represents.