A former private school student at a prestigious school in Toronto has been sentenced to two years probation with no jail time for sexual assault, according to CTV News.

The sexual assault took place at St. Michael's school, which is an all-boys institution that has educated top politicians like Patrick Brown and Stephen Lecce.

In June, a judge found the former student guilty of gang sexual assault and sexual assault with a weapon after he sodomized another student in a locker room with a broom handle. This incident occurred in 2018.

The incident was captured on video and spread throughout the school. Police launched the investigation after the video was shared on social media.

Despite the nature of the crime, the judge believed that the former student had a strong chance of full rehabilitation. In the judge's view, it was very unlikely that the former would commit another crime.

During the sentencing, the judge said that "given that two young persons involved in the same incident and in two others were sentenced to two years probation, and given the many mitigating factors described in detail earlier, I find that the less restrictive alternative of probation would be a proportionate and meaningful consequence that would hold [the former student] accountable."

The prosecution, on the other hand, argued that the former student should spend three months behind bars for his "violent and humiliating" crime.