As provinces across the country implement vaccine passports, Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca has called on Premier Ford to consider doing the same.

In an open letter, Del Duca attempted to get through to Premier Ford "regarding the urgent need for responsible leadership on clear vaccine mandates and a province-wide vaccine certificate."

"There is significant and growing consensus on these matters," De Duca wrote, "from leaders in health care, education, business and the municipal sector. I believe we all share the same goal, which is to minimize the negative impact of a fourth COVID-19 wave here in Ontario, and to get through this pandemic as soon as possible."

As CP24 reports, Del Duca said in a press release that "the time for half-measures has passed," adding that "Ontario families need responsible leadership and decisive action to keep them safe, and that means making vaccination mandatory in some higher risk nonessential settings."

While the Liberal Leader does not offer any specifics regarding what shape a mandate would take, he nonetheless remains adamant that such a policy should be discussed.

According to CP24, that sentiment is shared with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. In a statement, the group called on the Ontario government to provide guidance for private businesses regarding the implementation of a vaccine passport, or a similar program.

The Ford government has not appeared to be fond of creating proof of vaccine programs, with the premier saying it would lead to a "split society."