On her first day in office, after promising New Yorkers more government transparency, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has updated the state's total number of deaths from COVID-19.

Nearly 12,000 deaths have been added to the total count, bringing the number of reported deaths from COVID-19 based on death certificate data submitted to the CDC in New York up to 55,395, according to WBNG.

Under the now former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration, they were citing roughly 43,400 deaths as of Monday.

"The public deserves a clear, honest picture of what's happening. And that's whether it's good or bad, they need to know the truth. And that's how we restore confidence," Hochul said on NPR.

"Transparency will be the hallmark of my administration," Hochul told MSNBC Wednesday.

The updated numbers comes after the Associated Press reported in July the stark difference in numbers reported by New York to the CDC and the numbers publicized by the Cuomo administration.

According to the Associated Press, "The count used by Cuomo in his news media briefings and on the state's COVID-19 fatality tracker included only laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 deaths reported through a state system that collects data from hospitals, nursing homes and adult care facilities."

This count excluded those who died at home, in prisons, in hospice, or in state-run homes for people with disabilities. "It also excluded people who probably died of COVID-19 but never got a positive test to confirm the diagnosis," wrote the Associated Press.

"There are presumed and confirmed deaths. People should know both," Hochul said.

The Cuomo administration is no stranger to doctoring COVID-19 numbers.

Cuomo, who had received an honorary Emmy award for his COVID-19 response, was proven to have garnished the number of deaths in nursing homes by excluding several thousand who died after being transferred to hospitals. They ended up underreporting thousands of deaths.