Netflix's hit series "Squid Game" has become such a big hit that the communist dictatorship of North Korea has released propaganda against the show. North Korea warned of capitalist cultures' "hell-like horror" where "only money matters."

The North Korean news outlet Arirang Meari said on October 12 that free-market nations have "corruption and immoral scoundrels are commonplace," the Daily Wire reported.

The article also claimed the series "makes people realize the sad reality of the beastly South Korean society in which human beings are driven into extreme competition and their humanity is being wiped out."

"It is the current South Korean society where the number of losers in fierce competition such as employment, real estate and stocks increases dramatically," the article said.

"Squid Game" is a South Korean drama, debuted on September 17 on Netflix. It is the top show in over 90 countries and has quickly become Netflix's most-watched original show of all time. The show features a series of characters who must compete in demented versions of children's games to win billions.

Contrary to the claims made by North Korea, the show is not meant to showcase life in capitalist South Korea but rather to visualize the desperation of individuals who are indebted and have made terrible decisions in their lives.