As the federal election on September 20 inches closer, a new poll reveals that the Conservative Party continues to hold its lead over the closely-trailing Liberal Party.

According to a Mainstreet Research poll cited by Polling Canada, which was conducted on September 6, the Conservative Party, led by Erin O-Toole, continues to maintain its lead against the Liberal Party by 3 percent.

The Conservative Party is polling at 34 percent, while the Liberal Party is at 31 percent.

The Conservative Party's lead has dropped slightly since the end of August, where an August 25 poll found the Conservative Party polling at 37 percent.

The Liberal Party has remained nearly unchanged, with points lost by the Conservative party going towards the New Democratic Party, Bloc Québécois, and the People's Party of Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party, has taken heat recently over his handling of the crisis in Afghanistan, with an unknown number of Canadians still stuck in the country.

The Party also received backlash over the Trudeau Minister of Gender Equality referring to the Taliban as "our brothers" during a press conference in August.