Activist Rose McGowan today published further details of the relationship between the Newsom family and Weinstein’s former lawyer David Boies.

It’s only a matter of days until the California recall election for the governor seat officially arrives.

It was on Thursday in an interview with conservative commentator Dave Rubin that Rose McGowan first brought up this encounter with Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife. She said that six months before a groundbreaking story on Harvey Weinstein was published, Jennifer Siebel Newsom reached out to McGowan in an effort to silence her on the matter.

It all comes down to the person in common: lawyer David Boies. The November 2017 New Yorker story about Weinstein’s "army of spies" silencing victims placed his law firm front and center in orchestrating that effort.

Rose alleges Jennifer Newsom was reaching out on David’s behalf.

In newly released screenshots today, McGowan established a connection between the Newsoms and Boies. In one picture Jennifer says :"I do have an extended family member who works for Boies. Schiller’s son is married to one of my sisters. We have a distant relationship."

Mrs. Newsom goes on to admit that she used this family connection to try and get "help" with her "situation," but the details as to what that’s about are redacted.

McGowan has been very outspoken about the Democrat establishment last month — calling out the likes of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Oprah Winfrey alike.

In another leaked exchange, Rose McGowan shares what she says is Jennifer Newsom admitting that she tried to talk with her about Boies and Weinstein.

Jennifer’s version of events paints herself more diplomatically than what Rose McGowan described:

"Yes, I am disheartened and disappointed with Boies and the firm (but there are so many more men like them). I want us to heal as a culture and so I asked Rose ‘what if anything Boies could do for her that would help her to heal’ and then I thought I would present that to my brother in law to take to Boies. She basically said F him and all men and that was that. I imagine this is why she told [REDACTED] I was a spy for Boies (am sorry but read my bio- that’s crazy) and that’s I assume where a lot of this is stemming from."

This framing of atonement is backed up by an October 2017 HuffPost piece by Mrs. Newsom in which she disavows Harvey Weinstein’s abusive empire.

Coincidentally, a scoop in the Washington Free Beacon shows that the ties between David Boies and the Newsom family had not yet been completely broken. In December 2017 Gavin Newsom accepted a $300 bottle of wine from Boies. It was a routine that happened before in 2016, and it’d happen again in 2020.

A spokesperson for Newsom's wife denied the revelations despite evidence, claiming in a statement shared with Newsweek that the allegations were a "complete fabrication" made by McGowan.

Rubin said that Newsom's wife is "flat out lying." He uploaded a screenshot of Jennifer Newsom's email, which he notes he's seen the original.

"Come on journalists…" Rubin fired back on Twitter late Friday evening.