Earlier this afternoon Nancy Pelosi decided to continue with her regularly scheduled agenda. The fact that the House Speaker celebrated Women’s Equality Day today, of all days, came off as inappropriate to many on social media in light of the Kabul bombings that killed at least thirteen Americans.

"Join me live in San Francisco with Mayor London Breed, elected officials and community leaders to commemorate Women’s Equality Day."

As a frame of reference: Pelosi's 2:59 PM tweet came at the same time the Pentagon started their livestream to brief Americans about the bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan.

It demonstrates the challenge for elected officials when it comes to political tact.

(For the schedules of President Biden and Kamala Harris: Biden cancelled meetings with both the Israeli Prime Minister and various state Governors about Afghanistan refugees, while Harris has cancelled tomorrow’s planned rally to support California Governor Gavin Newsom amidst his recall election)

What was likely another pre-scheduled tweet by her staff earlier in the afternoon, Nancy Pelosi discussed her meeting with Unite The Poor activists on Wednesday.

It wasn’t the only case of this happening. Sergeant Major of the Army Michael A. Grinston tweeted out a #WomensEqualityDay statement shortly before the Kabul bombings happened on Thursday morning.

The eventual formal acknowledgement of the Kabul bombings from Speaker Pelosi was shared via Twitter and copied over to her official .gov website page.

In her statement she mourned the loss of American military lives, while attempting to balance the need for stability amidst the ongoing evacuation process.

There's an increased amount of public attention looking at Pelosi's behavior.

“President Pelosi” briefly trended on Twitter today alongside “President Harris” as hot-button topics of the hour. As leaders in Washington began calling for the resignation of President Biden over the Kabul crisis, these phrases allude to the line of succession in place if that were to happen.

Senior Editor at Human Events Jack Posobiec had noted at the start of the Afghanistan airlift, that there were rumors Vice President Harris “discussed the 25th” for the first time “in a non-joking way.”