A former Afghan interpreter told CTV News that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would have "blood on [his] hands" should evacuation efforts in Afghanistan falter.

Evan Solomon interviewed Maryam Sahar, a former Afghan interpreter who worked with Canadians and she had a message for Justin Trudeau.

"If my family gets executed, or any other family gets executed, know that you have the blood on your hands," she said.

"I’m not going to fault my beloved Canada because I know this is a generous country. I know the people are very generous.

"I will not fault the Canadian Armed Forces because they have been fighting very hard to help interpreters out.

"The only person who will be responsible for the merciless murder of interpreters in Afghanistan is Justin Trudeau."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Thursday that Canadian Armed Forces assets and personnel are in Afghanistan to coordinate safe evacuations with the US and other allies, though the number of safe returns may not initially be as many as anticipated.

He said that two CAF C-17s would make regular flights to Kabul to get Canadians, Afghans and their families to safety.

"Canada has personnel on the ground now, and we'll have more personnel arriving later today to help with the processing," said Trudeau.

He said the Taliban’s efforts to limit the movements of fleeing Afghans could produce dire consequences.

Though Trudeau committed to getting some certainty, he added that getting "as many [people] as we'd want" out of Afghanistan "is going to be almost impossible in the coming weeks."