Retired four-star General Jonathan Vance has been cleared of any wrongdoing following a military police investigation into an alleged inappropriate relationship.

Earlier this year, allegations surfaced that former chief of defence staff Gen. Vance had had an inappropriate relationship with his subordinate Major Kellie Brennan while the two worked together. The military police took up the matter.

During the investigation, Gen. Vance told Maj. Brennan lies about their relationship. As a result, Gen. Vance was charged with obstruction of justice and tried in civilian criminal court on September 17.

Sources told Global News that one of the reasons Gen. Vance came up fruitless might be his rank as a four-star general. According to former Supreme Court Justice Morris Fish, in the military justice system, "all officers of the CAF should as a general rule be judged by officers of or above their rank."

Fish expressed concern that because Gen. Vance ranks among the top, it is quite challenging to find anyone higher than him to judge.

The Canadian military has been embroiled in controversy lately, as allegations of sexual misconduct continue to grow in number.

A class-action lawsuit was launched in May 2020 and has since garnered over 9,000 submissions. The deadline to submit a claim is November 24, 2021.