As of Tuesday Nov. 2 2021, all high schools and middle schools in the Miami-Dade school district will make mask-wearing optional for all students.

In order to opt-out, students' parents must fill out a form and send it back with the student in question, declaring that they wish to opt-out of the mask mandate. This follows a similar plan implemented some days previous in neighboring Broward County.

According to local outlet WSVN, the school district has decided to relax the protocols due to declining rates of new COVID 19 infections in Florida's schools.

Mask mandates have been a back-and-forth tug of war between different camps within the Florida government for some months now. On Jul. 30 Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) promised he would eliminate all school mask mandates in Florida, and he signed an executive order to that effect.

However, legal pushback ensued, spurred on by local governments and school boards, and some areas successfully were able to implement them after a judge overturned DeSantis's executive order, deeming it "unconstitutional."

The Florida government is in turn doing what it can to fight back against local and federal mask mandates and other COVID restrictions.