The RCMP has taken more than 22 kg of meth off Manitoba’s streets, after setting up an extended operation.

The force managed to pull off this feat after arresting two Winnipeg residents for trying to import 40 kg of cocaine into the province, in 2018.

That early arrest led the RCMP to launch Project DECLASS, a full-scale investigation into the network involving multiple organized crime groups operating out of Winnipeg.

According to the RCMP, that 16-month investigation has led to the seizure of 22 kg of meth alongside 43kg of cocaine.

As a part of Project DECLASS, the RCMP executed multiple search warrants on December 4th in Calgary, with the help of over 150 officers.

The warrants led to the arrest of 11 people, including Hells Angels members.

Those arrested will be facing charges of trafficking meth and cocaine, conspiracy to traffic fentanyl, possession of proceeds from a crime, and money laundering.