Following the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that was read on Friday, Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal wrote on Twitter in remembrance of the two that were killed on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, in an act of self-defense.

"Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 27, murdered August 25th, 2020. Rest In Peace," wrote Pascal on Saturday, falsely claiming after Rittenhouse's acquittal that the two Black Lives Matter rioters were murdered.

The star wrote that the two were murdered that night. Rittenhouse was not charged with murder, rather first-degree intentional homicide in the fatal shooting of Huber, and first-degree reckless homicide in the case of Rosenbaum. He was found not guilt of all charges, including those two.

Pascal's tweet received a hefty ratio on Twitter, with many social media respondents pointing out the two's lengthy criminal histories. Both of the men Rittenhouse killed in August 2020 had extensive criminal records.

Rosenbaum has an open misdemeanor case for jumping bail less than a month before the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Part of his terms were "Not to Possess or Consume Alcohol. *Not To Possess or Consume Controlled Substances w/o a Prescription. No contact including the residence, electronic or 3rd party with: Kariann S, Park Ridge Inn." He also had open cases for battery and disorderly conduct, both domestic abuse charges. Rosenbaum had been released from the hospital on the day of the shooting, to which he had been admitted for a suicide attempt. He was reported to have bipolar disorder.

Huber had a disorderly conduct conviction, also from domestic abuse. His criminal record shows drugs convictions, use of dangerous weapons, and strangulation and suffocation charges, as part of domestic abuse cases. He had a number rof incarcerations between the years 2016 and 2019.

Local outlet Wisconsin Right Now reported:

"The bottom line: Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender who was out on bond for a domestic abuse battery accusation and was caught on video acting aggressively earlier that night. Huber was a felon convicted in a strangulation case who was recently accused of domestic abuse. Grosskreutz was convicted of a crime for use of a firearm while intoxicated and was armed with a handgun when shot."