The Liberal Party dropped all mention of their incoming internet censorship legislation during their 2021 Priorities Survey of Liberal Party members, according to Blacklock's Reporter.

In the survey that was sent out to all Liberal Party members, the party said that "this is an important moment as we kick off this new mandate and we want to hear from you." Despite this, they did not let their own members discuss Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez’s internet legislation.

This is fairly astonishing considering that the Liberal Party listed 23 optional priorities for its members to choose from.

This seems to contradict the Liberal Party's own position on internet censorship. Heritage Minister Rodriguez said earlier this month that the Liberals "promised to bring in some bills very quickly. C-10 is one of them. Why? Because it is fundamental."

"We made many promises to table important bills in the first 100 days and that includes the broadcasting bill," he added. "We need that bill. We have to modernize it."

The Liberal's internet bills will regulate "user-generated content on platforms like YouTube and TikTok." This will force ordinary content creators to be regulated by the CRTC.

Another Liberal bill will attempt to ban harmful online content. This will encourage anonymous complaints which can bring down online content within a short time period. Hate speech has already been outlawed in Canada since the 1970s.