Quebec's Premier Francois Legault stated on Thursday that he was expecting a Conservative majority in the upcoming Sept. 20 elections, and that such an occurrence would be a boon for his province.

Legault, the founder of the currently ruling Coalition Avenir Quebec political party from the year 2011, and the current incumbent Premier of Quebec since 2018, also warned his constituents about the "centralizing" tendencies Trudeau has shown, saying that a Conservative minority is the type of election results he considers would be most advantageous to the province.

According to the Journal de Montreal, Legault commented the following (translated from the original French) in front of a group of MPs getting ready for Parliament's next session:

"[Trudeau] interferes in the sovereignty of the provinces, and this scares me personally, because Mr. Trudeau is focused on the federal government intervening in healthcare, and doesn't want to give [Quebec] immigration powers, even though it's important in order to defend our nation, our identity."

"He hasn't excluded opposing Bill 21 – which prohibits the use of religious symbols by people in positions of authority – which is very important for any Quebecois people who are nationalists at heart."

Legault continued during his address, affirming how important he considers nationalism to be for Quebec and the rest of Canada:

"I am personally a nationalist, and I want for Quebec to be more autonomous, to have more power. And there are three parties, the Liberal party, the NDP and the Green Party, that want to give us less autonomy. I find that dangerous," he concluded.