A lively discussion erupted on the latest episode of Candace Owens' show as the Daily Wire host sat down with New York Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsome and former police officer, Brandon Tatum. Candace Owens and her guests covered a wide variety of topics, from hyper-sexualized NYC subway ads to vaccine hesitancy among African Americans.

The trio began by analyzing a recent viral video in which a woman ripped down overtly sexual OkCupid advertisements in the NYC subway, claiming they were "propaganda."

Owens and Tatum agreed the ads were too much, indicating a culture harming children by explicitly promoting sexual content in public. Newsome's disagreement led to a discussion surrounding sex-education classes in schools and whether such programs caused more teenagers to become sexually active.

The conversation shifted to another viral video, this time featuring Newsome himself. In the clip, he spoke out against New York City's proof of vaccination mandate, arguing that getting the jab should be a personal choice.

On this, all three members of the panel agreed. They slammed those who seek to enforce vaccination mandates, thereby segregating certain people from the rest of society.

The panel also agreed black Americans are justified in their skepticism of vaccine mandates, citing past experimentation on racial grounds.

Owens and Tatum then suggested the Democrats did more to oppress the black community than Republicans. Newsome responded by calling them the "Bonnie and Clyde of the Negro Republican Brigade."

Newsome stated he dislikes both parties and is a devout follower of Malcolm X, viewing the Republicans as wolves and Democrats as wolves in sheep's clothing.

Images of a border patrol agent on horseback appearing to whip a Haitian migrant at the southern border caused many politicians to compare that event to scenes from the days of slavery. Despite debunking claims of US border agents beating migrants via video evidence, many maintain that it is reminiscent of when they were perceived as subhuman.

When discussing the images, Newsome claimed they might cause PTSD for black individuals. Owens countered, reminding Newsome that he was never a slave.

Newsome accused Owens of being a "race hustler" throughout the show and poked fun at her and Tatum's repeated referencing of Thomas Sowell. Owens took the criticism in stride and had a bevy of information to back up her claims.

While the tension between the panelists boiled over at times, the show was full of spirited debate and entertaining back and forth dialogue.