Larry Elder in an interview with Mark Levin on Friday talked about how he thinks the real goal of the Democrat party is to gain complete control of the US Senate.

The Senate currently has 50 member affiliated with each party, which means that Vice President Kamala Harris (who is slated to start campaigning on Newsom's behalf) gets to break the tie if there is a vote where both parties disagree and each Senator tows the party line strictly.

According to Elder, this is not enough for the Democrats, and they are trying to find a way to solidify their advantage more, and protect against a possible loss of a crucial Senate seat at all costs, including smear campaigns against Elder.

Elder told Levin, "All of these people are scared to death about one big thing. They couldn’t care less about Gavin Newsom. They care about the 50-50 split in the Senate in Washington D.C."

Particularly at issue is the Senate seat of Diane Feinstein (D-CA) who is currently 88 years old. If re-elected, she will be 91 when she starts her next term and 97 years old before she finishes it. Elder commented that the Democratic machine appears to be trying to "hide her", and that she appears to be "in worse mental condition than Joe Biden."

This is because of the following: If Feinstein is found to be unable to continue with her senatorial duties and Elder gets elected first, he will have the opportunity to replace her, tipping the balance in the Senate.

Sept. 14 is the date when Californians will go to the polls and decide whether the increasingly unpopular incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) will stay in office or be booted out. If Gov. Newsom gets recalled, Elder is the favorite to be elected as California's new governor.

"... They’re scared to death that a blue state like California, God forbid that they should elect a common-sense, conservative Republican who makes an appreciable difference in their lives."

"They don’t want me to improve the situation. They don’t want me to bring down the cost of living. They don’t want me to do something about homelessness. They don’t want me to give people in the inner-city a choice so that they can get a competent education for their kids."

"God forbid I should make things better, and then all of the sudden people will rethink their attitude toward Republicans and rethink their attitude toward Democrats, and that’s why they’re so scared."