Vice President Kamala Harris is set to visit the California Bay Area next Friday to help bolster support for Governor Gavin Newsom in the recall election.

Newsom confirmed it in a statement per Politico’s reporting. "I am excited to join my friend and our Vice President next week. The stakes of this election couldn't be higher."

This comes after last week when President Biden put out a statement of support in favor of keeping Newsom. But the political climate in that timeframe has quickly shifted. Now, Vice President Harris will have the ongoing Afghanistan crisis to address throughout her foreign trip throughout Southeast Asia.

A tour that includes a stop in Vietnam. Something that the Kabul airport fiasco has drawn comparisons to, when it came to the 1975 withdrawal from Saigon.

So the White House Gavin Newsom has to lean onto is one where over half of Americans don’t think Kamala Harris is qualified to be President, and a general public that said they’d change their votes to Trump if given the chance, per recent polling.

A question of qualifications is what led Californians to successfully petition for a recall election of Gavin Newsom as Governor in the first place.

The final paragraph from the Politico piece makes mention of Newsom’s GOP rival Larry Elder. The outlet says the candidate is facing pushback from other Republicans and has baggage from his personal life.

Larry Elder was a more last-minute addition to the race. He announced his candidacy earlier in July, and gained a boost of momentum after winning a court case that ensured he’d be on the ballot.

In an interview with Candace Owens at The Daily Wire, he expressed confidence that incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom is afraid of Elder’s chances at victory. This came as he laid down specific areas of policy failures from the California Governor’s office.

It was earlier this month Newsom snapped in an interview. When conversing with the Sacramento Bee, Gavin complained that "everyone outside this state is b----ing about this state."