A judge Friday denied an attempt to dismiss a criminal court case against actor Jussie Smollett, who is accused of lying to police when he reported that he was the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack in downtown Chicago in January 2019. This is according to the Washington Times.

Smollett's attorney said the actors' rights are being violated since he already performed community service and given up a $10,000 bond under a previous deal.

This previous deal was with Cook County prosecutors to drop charges. However, the judge denied this appeal as the case is now being led by a special prosecutor, who was appointed by another judge.

“A deal is a deal. That’s ancient principle,” attorney Nenye Uche said. Despute trying to dismiss the case, Uche said Smollett wants “nothing more than to go to a jury and clear his name.”

Smollett is a black gay man and a star in the series Empire. In January 2019, he alleged he was followed and beaten by two Trump supporters, but police later charged Smollett with filing a false police report.

It was concluded that Smollett made up the story and staged the attack by hiring two brothers to carry it out. This was allegedly because he was unhappy about his salary and wanted to become more famous.