MSNBC’s Joy Reid praised President Joe Biden for his Afghanistan exit this week. "Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the right, the Biden administration has accomplished something that’s actually truly remarkable in Afghanistan."

Reid has been a vocal supporter of the President's military exit out of Afghanistan, despite wide criticism and plummeting polls for Biden. Prior to praising the President, Reid attacked former President Trump and blamed any shortcoming in relation to Afghanistan on him.

"It was Donald Trump who wrote America’s exit strategy," Reid said. "Trump’s ‘peace plan’ set fall of Afghanistan in motion" and the "GOP tried to blame Biden for Trump admin policy."

On another segment of her program, Reid attacked Trump again, alleging he would not have attempted to rescue Afghans.

"I think it’s magical thinking that’s the problem, thinking somehow Donald Trump would have evacuated those Afghans," Reid said. "No he wouldn’t have."