On Tuesday's episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast, the show's namesake expressed support for social media platforms Rumble and Locals, which pride themselves on their free speech stances.

"As long as places like Rumble exist, you know and I think they're gonna grow, I think that place is gonna grow…" Rogan started.

"I love the owners, I love them. I really — Tulsi's [Gabbard] on Locals now," guest Bridget Phetasy stated.

"Yeah, I think this is one of those things where they fucked up enough, where the the grip has slipped to the point where enough people are going to, first of all we'll keep saying the name Rumble right? Keep saying it and get people to keep going over there," said Rogan.

"I'm not over there, but I certainly would be, although somebody is probably pretending to be me there already," Rogan joked.

The same day that episode aired, Rumble announced that it had acquired the social media platform Locals.

Locals, founded by podcaster and author Dave Rubin in 2019, is a subscription-based social media company.