After nearly thirty years as a Democrat stronghold, an Iowa State House seat has flipped Republican.

Earlier this week, residents of Iowa House District 29 went to the polls to cast their votes following now former Democrat state representative Wes Breckenridge's decision to take a job at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. As KCCI reports, following Breckenridge's departure, Steve Mullan took over as Democrat candidate against Republican Job Dunwell.

According to the Jasper County Auditor’s Office, only 22% of eligible citizens cast a ballot. Of the 4,717 votes, 2,820 went to Dunwell, with Mullan receiving the remaining 40%.

As the Newton Daily News reports, Dunwell described his victory as "unbelievably exciting," adding that even after being defeated by Breckenridge in the 2020 election, he never gave up.

"I have a conservative philosophy," Dunwell told the local paper. "My passion is for Jasper County and Iowa. The team that I work with is for the Republicans."

Dunwell's victory marks the end of a 29 year Democrat reign in Iowa House District 29, with Republicans last holding the seat in 1992. The results for this special election still have to be certified by the Iowa Secretary of State before they become official.