Paul Rusesabagina, the man about which they made the movie "Hotel Rwanda," has been found guilty of terrorism by a Rwandan court on Monday.

"Hotel Rwanda" was a movie about how Rusesabagina managed to shelter 1,000 people at the time of the country's horrific 1994 genocide, most probably saving their lives. At that time, Rwandan society hailed him as a hero.

However, according to the BBC, "Rusesabagina's journey from celebrated figure to state enemy happened as his criticism of the government grew."

The now 67-year-old Rusesabagina called the trials a sham as he was convicted of founding and being a member of a terrorist group. He withdrew from the trails in protest back in Mar. 2021. The verdict is still pending on additional charges of murder, abduction and armed robbery.

Rusesabagina's family members maintain that he was kidnapped and taken back to Rwanda in late 2020 against his will, and that he is being denied access to lawyers.

He had been previously tapped to lead the National Liberation Front from exile, a coalition of opposition parties, which is said to have had a paramilitary wing at one point.

Rusesabagina is currently facing a sentence of up to life in prison, if the prosecution's requests are met.