Upon exiting a gallery in New York, where his work was hanging on the walls, Hunter Biden was barraged with questions surrounding his now infamous laptop.

On Wednesday night, President Joe Biden's son Hunter held a party to celebrate his recent art shows at Georges Berges Gallery in SoHo. After exiting the building with his entourage, including wife Melissa Cohen, he was bombarded with questions from reporters about his laptop.

A video from the New York Post details the encounter. "Hunter, how was it tonight?" one reporter asks, getting close enough to not have to shout. "Hey guys, give us some space," Hunter's friend responds.

The reporter backs off, then decides to go for it again. "Hunter did you get your laptop back?" he asks. The president's son ignored the question, offering only what the New York Post referred to as a "tight grin."

Hunter's wife, however, responded. "It doesn't exist," she said, as the couple turned away and continued walking up the street.

The laptop in question was recovered from a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019, and was thought to belong to Hunter Biden. Earlier this year, in an interview with CNN, Hunter admitted that the laptop could be his, but also did not rule out the possibility that it was all a setup by the Russians.