Michael Myers, the iconic Halloween series villain, is receiving flak not for being the psychopathic killer the world knows him as, but instead for being perceived as homophobic. The scene which has sparked criticism features Myers breaking into his childhood home. Spoiler alert: He found that a gay couple now lives there, and in usual Halloween fashion, murders them, according to Screen Geek.

Twitter users were quick to call out the fictional killer for being homophobic, though some may have been making a mockery of the backlash.

Some Twitter users compared Michael Myers to Chucky, who in the recent television show, confirms that he has a genderfluid child, and when asked if he is okay with it, he says "I'm not a monster."

Some Twitter users though questioned why others were getting hung up on Myers being "homophobic," given the fact that the killer has been shown to kill anyone he comes across and does not discriminate in his murderous rampage.

In a recent interview with filmmaker Eli Roth on the History of Horror podcast, actress Jamie Lee Curtis said that Curtis said the new Halloween Kills movie is about the kind of "mob violence" that Americans saw during the Jan. 6 riot: "We have just in America watched a mob descend on January 6 with nooses and stun guns and members of Congress in the building, and we all watched it on TV."