Heritage Minister Guilbeault defended Justin Trudeau after going on vacation to Tofino during the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Speaking to CBC on Friday, Guilbeault argued reconciliation is one of the most important issues to Justin Trudeau.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began his mandate with another controversy as his website said he was in Ottawa Thursday for "private meetings." However, he was later spotted in Tofino, BC, spending a few days with his family.

"Minister on the political question, as you were part of that march today [Reconciliation march] the prime minister was on board his plane going to Tofino, British Columbia, where we learned today that he's going to be spending some time with family," said the CBC host.

"His schedule originally said that he was going to be in private meetings and his spokesperson says he's meeting with residential school survivors or speaking with them. Do you know how he's speaking with them when he's on his plane and flying to Tofino where he's taking a vacation with his family?" the host asked Guilbeault.

"I don't have the details of the Prime Minister's scheduled for today, what I can tell you is that I was with him last night for the event in Ottawa on Parliament Hill, where we did meet with survivors with indigenous leaders," Guilbeault replied.

"One could argue that it [reconciliation] is certainly one of the most important issues for him," added Heritage Minister Guilbeault.