Newly acquired data has revealed government-run Tim Hortons are losing up to $1.7 million in Ontario. Data obtained by Second via Freedom of Information Request shed light on the government's fiscal mismanagement.

According to Second President Colin Craig, "A government hospital in Ontario is running a Tim Hortons and has lost a large sum of money running one of Canada's most successful fast-food chains."

But he said there's a lesson to be learned across the country from this debacle as many hospitals have lost money through their cafeterias and restaurants.

Craig explained the issue matters as these losses mean fewer dollars available for health services and patients excluded from complimentary food. He described a timeline stretching back to 2012 when Postmedia discovered that the Windsor Regional Hospital lost $265,000 running its own Tim Hortons.

The shocking discovery led Second to conduct its own investigation in 2020. The organization examined how government policies affect ordinary everyday people and what we can do to improve society.

In their report, Second "identified more than $12 million in losses over two years, including $74,775 at a government-run Tim Hortons at Windsor's Hospital."

Following the publication of this data, David Musyj, the CEO of Windsor's hospital, wrote to the editor of the Toronto Sun, criticizing the research. He argued that the franchise losing money is not significant overall, as the other nearby location profit.

However, Craig found that combining the financials still show the government-run franchises lose money.

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